Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 campaign
Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 runway show

Fashion and interiors are really first cousins. It’s so interesting to watch how the two do their tango. We’ll put money on it that the retro sherbets and Fifties milkshake colours that are hitting a high note in the Northern Hemisphere this summer, will very soon step over the threshold and come inside. Seeing the Louis Vuitton ad campaign for the first time was a moment of candyfloss-like sweetness that you could almost taste on your tongue.

We’re not the only ones who’ve fallen in love. Sera Holland is a South African graphic designer and blogger now living in Ireland.  By night, Sera is a textile designer. She’s also fascinated by the influence of fashion on textiles, was knocked out by the supersize cut-out floral fabrics in the Vuitton campaign, and decided to make some of her own.

Lifted from a post on her blog handmadebyme.

Sera: “Ever since Louis Vuitton launched his spring 2012 collection I have been obsessed with anything and everything laser cut. From clothing (especially clothing!) to interiors, to shower curtains, to little cut out cards, there is nothing that won’t work in this beautiful style! And so I decided to make a little lazy laser cut print of my own, which one day I would actually like to laser cut, but for now printing it onto my gorgeous linen cotton fabric will have to do : ) And it’s available in 3 soft ice-creamy colours in cushion covers, napkins and tea towels at my etsy store and others.” We think Sera’s cushions look edibly delicious – the cut-outs and the colours. Pass the petit fours please.

What the world needs now is an extra helping of prettiness with three spoons of sugar stirred in – what do you say?


Posted by Jenny Mason