The Louvre Abu Dhabi via CNN

The highly anticipated opening of The Louvre Abu Dhabi is scheduled for November 2017 and by the looks of it, this expansive micro-city with its 55 detached buildings looks like it’s going to be absolutely beautiful.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi external structure. Image:

Described as the floating dome of light, the Louvre structure was inspired by the traditions and architecture of the United Arab Emirates.  Internationally acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel envisioned the complex geometric dome of the louvre which consists of an intricate star-shaped pattern repeated over eight layers in different sizes. In total, there are 7850 stars, making it a massive silver dome which “floats” above the museum projecting rays of sunlight into the internal structure. The Louvre is modelled after the cupola, a distinctive feature in Arab architecture as well as the palm trees in Abu Dhabi.  The mix of architectural brilliance and symbolism makes this building a powerful token of the nation’s achievements.

“The Louvre is the crown jewel of Paris, and so the Louvre Abu Dhabi is destined for such distinction in this part of the world,” Al Nayhan told reporters.(CNN)

The museum will house 23 galleries which mimic the low-lying homes of the surrounding areas and the exterior structure which overlook the ocean and the Abu Dhabi skyline create an environment of interaction and a tranquil space where the relationship with architecture, art and nature collide.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi texternal structure. Image: