Perfect through imperfection, Love Milo’s Nicki Ellis is renowned for deftly capturing Mother Nature thanks to her multifaceted design skills. Without deviation from this now entrenched concept, Love Milo proudly introduces their newest collection, as seen in the nocturnal sky, Cosmos.

Inspiration: Where else but the nocturnal sky

Cosmos is an innovative, modern play on points in disarray. Like the stars above, where the positioning is fortuitous, yet each arrangement forms its own distinct pattern, Cosmos represents flawless synchronisation in disorganisation.

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Nicki Ellis, founder and senior designer at Love Milo, shared her thoughts by saying: “This range plays with spirited composition, aimed at adding something completely exclusive and eye catching to a table and home. It’s the beautiful haphazard scatter of dots (that) create(s) an ethereal look that fits so well with the rest of our designs.”

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Exercising nature as the quintessence of design, Ellis decided to turn to the nocturnal sky. Profoundly inspired by the pattern and “organised chaos” found overhead, she opted to emphasise the flecks and silhouettes of the stars, and portray their nearly bubble-like appearance, like that of an object that could be discovered, under the lens of a microscope.

The imperfection fashioned by spontaneous design spacing, juxtaposes sublimely with the heterogeneous nature of the Love Milo label in its entirety. This is what makes Cosmos a stellar addition to the creative family.

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The Cosmos collection is at present available solely in textile and cork. Designs are printed onto 100% cotton with environmentally friendly inks and hand printing methods. The collection consists of scatter cushions, napkins, bags, purses and cork placemats. Prices range from R350 for a Cosmos cushion, to R800 for a Cosmos tote bag.

All images courtesy of Love Milo

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