Elle Decoration features editor Louise McCann wonders about people in high places keeping an eye on the earth.

Today’s blog features two books about aerial perspectives on the world, so I thought I’d work with this trend and visit Google Earth , virtually venturing to one of my favourite places on the planet – the Molteno Reservoir below Table Mountain – just 5 minutes away from our office in Cape Town.

After my cyber-swooping, I turned to two beautiful books that show two photographers’ very different perspectives on the planet. It’s quite a peaceful viewpoint in these tumultuous times!

Small Planet – Naoki Honjo
Japanese photographer Naoki Honjo’s book Small Planet shows his photographs of cities and natural scenery which are taken from high above, then miniaturized and manipulated until they look like miniature models of real-life scenes:

A pigeons-eye view of Trafalgar Square in London. © Naoki Honjo

Tokyo City, Japan. © Naoki Honjo.

Swimming Pool, Tokyo. © Naoki Honjo.

Containers, Tokyo. © Naoki Honjo.

Small Planet can be can be ordered through Photoeye.

Eyes Over Africa – Michael Poliza

The magnificent Eyes Over Africa shows aerial photographs by Michael Poliza, taken on an epic helicopter adventure from the north to the south of Africa.

Nile cruise ships, Luxor, Egypt. © Michael Poliza.

A Maasai market scene North-East of Maasai Mara, Kenya. © Michael Poliza.

Grassland plains in Northwest Katavi, Tanzania. © Michael Poliza.

Water meets land in Cabo Delgado, Mozamibique. © Michael Poliza.

Deserted flamingo nests in the red salty patches of the Pans, East of Kubu Island, Botswana. © Michael Poliza.

See more of these amazing images at the Eyes Over Africa website, and order the book through Exclusive Books or Amazon.

…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world that Big Brother is watching.