The Elle Deco team got to experience a bit of magic in Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams this week. Stepping into the Madame Zingara tent at the V&A was like falling down the rabbit hole.

The striking miss Cathy Specific wooed us with her charm as characters from our favourite fairytales waited on our every need. As delicious as the three-course meal was, we had trouble taking our eyes off the fantastical delights on stage.

Limbs contorting in ways unimaginable; balance and strength you would never have believed possible. Quite simply, you have to see it to believe it.

The final act, two Argentinian Guachos, got our feet tapping to the beat of their drums and itching for the dancefloor.

We left feeling exhilarated, mesmerized, and wanting more. We’d go again. And again and again. If you’re in Cape Town anytime soon, double check that the Madame is on your to-do list.

Madame Zinagara’s Theatre of Dreams was conceptualised in 2007. It has since become an icon of South African performance art. Housed within one of the last mirror tents left in the world today, this unique synthesis of decadent dining, cirque and theatre invites guests to leave their cares at the door and embark on a sensory journey to feed the soul.

Enthralling and innovative, an evening at The Theatre of Dreams is the ultimate night out and the perfect venue for celebrations of all kinds. And for visitors to Cape Town, a night of stardust and magic with the Madame is a great way to round off a holiday.

Created, produced and directed by the formidable trio of Richard Griffin, Craig Leo and Valentina Love, the captivating show includes the very best in local and international talent.



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All images courtesy of Madame Zingara