Got some Moerse Random ideas? Big Blue is asking.

Makhulu Polane (roughly speaking, a ‘big idea’) is their annual t-shirt design competition and it’s now in its sixth year.

This year’s theme is ‘Moerse Random’.

Go ballistic.

Anyone can enter and you can send in as many hits as you like.

The winning designer gets R20 000 in cash and their design will be sold in Big Blue stores for two months. Instant fame.

The design “most voted for by the public” gets R5000.

Any additional design that gets used by Big Blue (excluding the above) will receive R2 000.

A few visuals from the past to rev your mouse.

The competition ends 31 August – best you go to without further ado.

All Illustrations above are winners of last year’s competition courtesy of


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Posted by Roxzanne Fereirra