Art Boards by Conn Bertish and Brett Murray.

As we welcome in summer, the Wavescape Festival 2015 ensures that we are excited about catching some rays and waves. With a jam-packed schedule, what caught our attention was the Art Board Project, where local artists transformed fish boards into works of art…

We got chatting to a few of the benevolent artists who got involved. The final Art Boards exhibition is on at Tigers Milk in Muizenburg until 1 December 2015, when they will be auctioned to the highest bidder, with proceeds going to NSRI, Waves For Change trauma programme, Shark SpottersCancer Dojo and The Little Optimist Trust.


Wavescape Beezy Bailey by Jonx Pillemer
Beezy Bailey with his yellow tail inspired Art Board. Image by: Jonx Pillemer

Notorious and outspoken, DECO is always keen to hear what is happening in the world of Beezy Bailey. This is the second year Bailey is contributing to Wavescape, and he recognises the importance of such initiatives, with his son and friends being keen surfers. The inspiration of his design came from a friends successful catch of yellow tail on his boat.

There is something Biblical about a full catch, and the colors of fresh fish retain something of that submarine magic that can be otherworldly.


Wavescape Sanell Aggenbach by Jonx Pillemer

Acclaimed Capetonian artist Sanell Aggenbach’s tapped into her latest exhibition Atopia, for inspiration when transforming her Art Board. Looking at the idea of new botanical hybrids, the board is filled with fluid and fantastical curves and suspensions.

The Wavescape Festival and auction has become a bedrock for Cape Town’s summer culture, since 2005 the art board auction has contributed handsomely to ocean conservation and safety organisations. It is an honour to be invited and participate.


Wavescape Brett Murray by Jonx PIllemer
Brett Murray with his politically-driven Art Board. Image by: Jonx Pillemer

Known locally as the ‘The dark prince of South African pop art’ Brett Murray usually works with steel and mixed media sculpture, and is known for his satirical and subversive focus. You may recall his last Wavescape Art Board featuring the words ‘I Love Africa!’ and a naked Bart Simpson with an erection. His board this year expresses his views of the state of our nation and our ‘scandalous, incompetent and arrogant President.’ In the midst of an economic crisis, Murray’s message spotlights the hundreds of concerning, violent service delivery protests and student protests across South Africa. and other scandalous actions of the government.

With a President facing more than 700 charges of money laundering, bribery and corruption this board expresses my – and many South Africans – frustration and anger.


Wavescape Jake Aikman by Jonx Pillemer
Jake Aikman with his utopian or dystopian landscaped Art Board. Image by: Jonx Pillemer

As a surfer, this was a naturally appealing and relevant project for artist Jake Aikman to get involved in. His work is always captivating and with an organic feel, so to see what he would produce on a surf board was greatly anticipated. Looking at the Art Board as the viewer, you are at see, whether leaving or arriving to the destination is up to you, but his goal of achieving ‘ambiguity and instability’ is successful, and beautiful.

It was easy to get inspired for this project. I think anyone who spends time in the sea will realise the importance in assisting the associated organisations.

You have until 13 December to get in on the 2015 Wavescape action. Click below for the full schedule and to start making a change to the protection of our cherished oceans.

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