malene birger
Birger’s love of strong silhouettes and black and white styling is immediately apparent in the master bedroom Image: Birgitta Wolfgang/Sisters Agency

A modern nomad who has lived in Stockholm, Majorca and London, world-renowned Danish fashion designer and artist Malene Birger tells us how she has made this impressive villa on Italy’s Lake Como her own.

Here is Malene’s advice for personalising your space:

Stay true to your aesthetic ‘I’m a maximalist – my style is eclectic, yet under control.’

Make room for the things you love ‘The house is grand and has high ceilings. The space adds freedom to my everyday life. I finally have enough room for everything, including my collection of vintage clothing and jewellery.’

malene birger
Pops of canary yellow provide vibrant backdrops for an array of furniture, art, collectables and natural curiosities. Lake Como is best viewed from the comfort of two Swan chairs by Arne Jacobsen on the first floor. Images: Birgitta Wolfgang/Sisters Agency

Let your decor reflect your passions and experiences ‘My home reflects my many journeys around the globe and expresses the extensive amount of creative cultures we are lucky to get to know when travelling.’

Incorporate spaces for all aspects of your life ‘We live here, I work here and I even have a studio here where I paint.’

Draw inspiration from your life ‘My life is my inspiration. For me, inspiration comes from many places – wherever I go, I find it without searching. Inspiration is all over the place.’

Text & Production: Erik Rimmer Photographs: Birgitta Wolfgang/Sisters Agency

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