[FEATURED] With warm summer days approaching, we see beautiful outdoor areas being prepared for alfresco entertaining. These are Marlanteak’s favourite picks of what their clients are asking for in summer 2017.

The natural beauty of wood

Marlanteak has noted a significant increase in demand for their Teak based outdoor furniture.  The market leaders of outdoor furniture like Roda, Kettal and Tribù answers with teak collections that shifts the perception of traditional teak furniture.  The naturally high oil content of teak wood allows you to let your furniture age naturally without the risk of the wood warping or cracking.  The teak turns a beautiful and sought after silver grey in time.

Teka by Roda

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Riva by Jasper Morrison for Kettal

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Retro and Scandinavian influenced designs
Outdoor areas have become the heart of entertainment in South African homes. Modern and minimalist settings are now being complemented by organic shapes and touches of retro, creating a cosier and warmer look.  Tribù in collaboration with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga developed a collection called CTR, elegantly fusing modern with retro. Kettal’s Cala chair by Doshi & Levien was inspired by the Iconic Emanuelle. The natural curves with the variety of rope colours available,  makes Cala the perfect statement piece with its majestic spatial presence.

Kettal Cala by Doshi & Levien for Kettal

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Ceramic for outdoor table tops
Ceramic is used for many different applications and dates back centuries.  The technology applied to the manufacturing of ceramic products has evolved so magnificently, that large surfaces can now be made with ceramics. Table tops in ceramics are a fairly new concept, yet the material has been proven highly effective over time. With its unique composition, ceramic is UV resistant, frost-proof, extremely scratch-proof and completely stain repellent.

Illum by Marc Merckx and Pieter Maes for Tribù

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Bold prints and colors

Kettal has obliterated the mould for colour availability in outdoor materials, ropes and fabrics this year.  In collaboration with Doshi & Levien, they now offer most of their collections with 18 rope, 34 fabric, and 30 different aluminium colors from which to choose. The choice of bold prints for outdoor use has also increased massively, leaving us spoiled for choice when looking for that perfect scatter cushion!

Bella ropes and Aluminium by Doshi Levien for Kettal


Bella ropes and Aluminium by Doshi Levien for Kettal


Hertex Plantation outdoor fabric. Colour Volcan


Hertex Bel Ombre outdoor fabric. Colour Saffron


Hertex Equatorial outdoor fabric Colour: Aloe