Mutation Series Furniture by Maarten de Ceulaer
Image courtesy of Vogue
Image courtesy of Vogue
Image source: Mr Trickett

Wherever we look, we keep seeing it. This colour. It’s the colour of factory workers’ all-in-ones and the proper kind of blue for those suede shoes that Mr Elvis Presley sang a song about.

Marseille blue is also the hot new hue that’s coming to Le Creuset soon. Look out for cookware in this classic French blue, at Le Creuset stores from 20 June.

If you like to cook, you might want to move to Marseille.

Oh, the things you can get.

Thanks to Mister Trickett for the lovely suede shoes inspiration and the update on Mutation Series Furniture – and to Miss Moss’s Compendium of Radness for the Vogue fashion nudge.

Posted by Jenny Mason