We’d like to introduce our new guest blogger, Amy Ellenbogen, who will be blogging for us for the month of May. Amy has been creative curator at Field Office, taught art to children, has worked as a magazine stylist and assistant and been involved in many interesting creative projects of late. She will bring her passion for art, design and interiors in daily posts so watch this space for regular updates.

Mary Katrantzou is a 27-year-old fashion designer from Athens. She has all the right credentials, but what makes this fashion designer different from her contemporaries is a passion for interior design.

Her interior-inspired pieces for spring/summer 2011 are complete works of art. Witness her jaw-dropping mix of pattern and fluid and constructed shapes.


Katrantzou’s mother is an interior designer and her father is in the textile industry, so you can imagine she was looking at The World Of Interiors way before she picked up a copy of Vogue.

Inspired by 18th-century interiors, perfume bottles and glass blowing, this designer has found a happy medium between interior design and fashion.


She transfers hyper-real digital prints onto luxurious fabric and constructs her pieces around these prints. Her most recent show is reminiscent of Ming Vases and French 18th-century fabrics.


“I’ve been inspired by interior design all my life, always picturing the girl in the room; it was time to put the room on the girl,” she says.

Katrantzou’s designs immediately made us think of Rossana Orlandi’s pop-up space at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, which showcased a number of chairs and sofas by Beirut-based designer Azienda Bokja. Bokja revamped a series of chairs with a bold mix of vintage textiles.



Images via www.style.com, maverickdiva.blogspot.com, www.rossanaorlandi.com