Don’t miss out on Freeworld Design Centre’s new exhibit Design For Food, a collection of designer food installations by Tina Bester, Maranda Engelbrecht, Gerda Genis, Jacques Erasmus, Casamento and Luke Dale Roberts. Freeworld’s signature designer pods were each given a special make-over, food being the focus of each installation. Here’s a taste…

Maranda Engelbrecht and Gerda Genis collaborated on this pod (above), an avant-garde feast of off-whites, creams, intricate patterns, wild figs, waterblommetjies, and white-chocolate. DECO’s favourite? Undeniably the edible decor!

Tina Bester‘s pod is a pristine black and white display of cakes, stripes, pastries and hearts, with accents of gold (above). DECO’s favourite feature? Tina’s gold fork wall display (below).

Jacques Erasmus from Hemelhuijs used bread as a main ingredient in this Japan-inspired pod, most visible in the Chinese proverb (above), as well as a fine powder used in his painting (below). DECO’s favourite? The edible proverb.

Casamento and Luke Dale Roberts collaborated on this pod (below), with earthy, monochromatic and texture rich designs by Casamento, matched with Dale’s viking-inspired squid ink and ash cured salmon. DECO’s favourite piece? The lights, made from cheap reclaimed porcelain bowls, now covered in a textured coating.

Pop in at Freeworld Design Centre to have a closer look. For more information on this exhibit, and their Food & Film events, visit

*Photographs by Charl Edwards