Dean Brown deconstructs the porcelain-making process in 'A Matter of Colour' | Photograph: Gérard Jonca

Designer Dean Brown presents a colourful project with a difference. From an exciting collaboration with Parisian porcelain houseSèvres – Cité de la Céramique, comes A Matter of Colour – an incredibly different way of deconstructing the creative process.

Lucky enough to work for a brand like ELLE Decoration, we have the privilege of being exposed to incredible content and imagery on a daily basis. However, once in a while, something still rocks our world a little more than usual. Cue A Matter of Colour – a collaboration between London-based designer Dean Brown and Sèvres – Cité de la Céramique, a porcelain producer based in Paris.

Photographs Gérard Jonca
Viewers are encouraged to imagine the white form transformed by the colour | Photographs: Gérard Jonca

Exhibited at D’Days 2015, A Matter of Colour is a celebration of ‘work in progress’, being inspired by the opposite ends of the porcelain making process – the unglazed porcelain object and the raw materials that are involved in the colouration.

Of the extensive Sèvres archive, Brown selected the most classical forms and adorned the pieces with the most final stage in the finishing of the porcelain vases – the colour pigments.

Contained in free-blown glass containers, forming handles, lids and decorative features, the colour pigments are held in and around the uncoated vases encouraging viewers to imagine the white form transformed by the colour and are thus ‘invited to make their own interpretation of the potential between the object and the unapplied colour.’

Photographs Gérard Jonca
Deconstructing the unglazed porcelain and pigments used in the colouration | Photographs: Gérard Jonca

Brown has an interest in concept retail and narrative-driven installations, as well as being design residents and senior consultant for Fabrica – a Design Research Centre based in Treviso, Italy. His work has been exhibited internationally at the Milan Furniture Fair, ICFF New York, London Design Festival, the V&A and Design Museum, London.

We found these pieces to be not only completely different, inspiring and surprising but really quite beautiful too. What do YOU think? Tell us in the comments below.


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