Matthieu Venot’s beautifully simplistic urban landscape photographs featured on our Opener pages in Trends issue. The graphic compositions, shot medium-format accentuate the bold colours, perfectly encapsulated the mood of the Trends issue.

Matthieu Venot's photographs as seen in DECO's Trends issue
Matthieu Venot’s photographs as seen in DECO’s Trends Issue

France-based Matthieu Venot’s work in his project PRISM features urban landscapes shot medium format with bold use of colour. Looking at them almost makes one stop and take a breather, in the mad frenzy that becomes our daily life. We found out more…

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I like the sentence: it is not what you see, it is how you see

Are you inspired to shoot by your direct surrounds and environment on a daily basis, or do you prefer being in a different location to create new bodies of work? Whether elsewhere or in my own city searching for ideas, I take either my bike or the car if I want to go further. Then I just choose a direction and I lose myself looking around at the surrounds. Sometimes I return with only two pictures; sometimes I come across a place that will inspire me a lot and I return several times to get a different light. I love to watch, observe and compose the image in my head before I even take the picture.

Does the mimimalist and colour blocking style pervade into other areas of your life like interiors or fashion? I think as with everything in life, I like to keep it simple. Although life rarely is. In terms of dress, I’m very classic – simple cut, sober colors.

Your work focuses on urban/architectural settings. Do you see yourself moving into completely different areas of photography and if so what is next for Matthieu Venot? I’d like to work more on landscape photography, and  I like to discover new places, new cities and countries. That’s what draws me to photography – it helps to be open to the world, to go in search of images and discover new places.

What trends do you see happening in terms of photography and/or instagram? Photography has become such an accessible art. Taking pictures, listening to music, eating in general has become so fast that it makes you dizzy. What I would like for the future is to to slow down time in terms of photography – to take the time composing the image and to create images you can spend hours looking at.

I like simple things that fit beautifully together.

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Trendsetters based in Europe you admire? I’m not too interested in following trends. I like simple things that fit beautifully  together.

Three words or a quote that best describes your work…Suggestion, aesthetics , colours

Do you have one particular image or shoot that is your favourite work? Yes – the next One.

Digital or film? Digital for now and eager to learn to use 8×10 film .

A good photographer is … a dreamer

If you could have any camera in the world, you’d choose a…Hasselblad

Major influences on your work? Mood and Music

Top 3 artistic icons of all time? Andy Warhol , Edward Hooper, Mondrian

Favorite words to live by? Love

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