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Telling visual and tactile stories, beautifully thought through curation and impeccable design, the creative studio SHE IS VISUAL finds its home at The Modern Heirloom, a space where creatives can come together and find their tranquility, have you been to a workshop yet? 

We recently invited the gals at SHE IS VISUAL and The Modern Heirloom to take over our Instagram account and it was really what you would expect – a real visual feast. DECO caught up with Marize Albertyn, founder of She is Visual, and Laura Watson, She is Visual assistant, to find out more about what they do, how they do it and why…

Describe your thought process behind both brands? 

Marize | She is Visual was birthed out of my love for design and creating by hand. My childhood as a little farm girl – with an unlimited imagination and never-ending yearning to create with my hands what I envision in my mind and heart – is what grounds this venture and inspires me to just ‘do what I love, and love what I do’. In essence, it has become my creative playground and a place where stories are told and new friendships are forged. You can’t see-saw without a person on the other side or swing without sharing the thrill of the highs and lows. The rules for me are simple – explore your gifts from Above and play your heart out. The reality of a playground is that with the joy comes the occasional injuries and tears, but I would rather have a scare with a story than a neat shirt without the creative humbling glory.


The Modern Heirloom happened when my need for a space to host workshops and my passion for the combination of FOOD, PEOPLE and DESIGN collided in a very unexpected way and opened the door for a long-time dream to unfold. It is like a mystery box with FOOD, DESIGN and PEOPLE as your main ingredients to cook with. It is a space for community, co-creation and collaboration; food and fantasy. A farm shed with old bones, a big heart and a modern spirit.


The Modern Heirloom can be found at the Overgaauw Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.

A space for community, co-creation and collaboration; food and fantasy. A room with old ones, a big heart and a modern spirit, on an old wine farm. Bring your event – or your celebration – here.

–  The Modern Heirloom

Who are your style inspirations?

Marize | I am inspired by people who are comfortable in their skin and radiate beauty because they have made a conscious decision to be and love themselves. When I meet or see people that unapologetically carry themselves with self respect I feel incredibly inspired to do the same and be true to the person I have been created to be. And that for me is inspiring style – the freedom to experience with expressing different aspects of yourself unapologetically.

Laura | Something that initially drew me to She Is Visual was Marize’s minimalistic aesthetic as it resonated with my own design, as well as personal, style and take on life. It may sound corny but in truth I get to work with one of my style inspirations everyday.

Each and every SHE IS VISUAL workshop is a way of bringing people together, giving them the opportunity to connect through creative processes of art in all its forms. Whether it is painting, making ice-cream, brewing coffee or simply stepping outside and learning how to create your own floral arrangements from scratch.

What is your comfort food of choice?

L | Definitely soups of the homemade variety. I absolutely love winter and all the coziness that comes with these cooler months – I love using the weather as an excuse to cook up my favourite soups and indulge in freshly baked bread…because what is soup without bread! Outside of the home, a couple of foodie spots that I am excited to visit this winter are the newly opened Mulberry & Prince in Cape Town and the winter menu at Babel. Oh and of course, always good coffee (coffee counts right!?).

M | I have to agree with Laura – winter equals plenty of soup to me. I will be honest – I crumble under the convenience of buying Woolies soups and my absolute favourite this winter is the Harissa chicken, pumpkin and quinoa . On the more hearty home cooking side of things, my husband has a chef background and with that comes his knowledge of making stocks from scratch to make our own soups at home – the difference with starting a soup with a homemade broth is remarkable and most certainly worth the while (if he makes it). And no bowl of soup in my life goes without a big dollop of double cream yogurt.

When fellow creatives attend your events/workshops, what’s the desired feeling you would want to create for them?

M | creative freedom / community / feeling inspired – and a sense of accomplishment.

L | Our workshops are designed to be very experiential. Each workshop takes a personality of its own as we bring together three strands – the creative topic and maker, a carefully crafted feel to suit, and of course the people to evoke a specific experience. We hope that through our workshops we can create a time for people to explore their creativity, be inspired and connect with other creatives in our community. We are creating a space where people can learn to disengage from the everyday mundane and learn to embrace other aspects of their personality.



Pinterest being our best friend and all, what have you been pinning lately?

M | I think if Pinterest was my best friend – I would be unfriended by now. Taking the chair of two start-ups takes A LOT of time, effort and learning and spending time on Pinterest is honestly like a luxury for me at the moment. When I do find myself with a little time to spare I usually have a few go to pinners who’s latest pins I browse through. On the other hand, I have the queen of Pinterest in my midst – aka Laura Watson and one browse through her latest pins brings me completely up to speed.

L | I would definitely describe myself as a Pinterest advocate. For me this is a space in which I can disengage from the days events, be visually inspired and express my own aesthetic. To be honest I am always pinning a wide range of images. If it catches my eye I will add it to one of my boards to return too later or i may be looking for specific/ immediate inspiration for a design project at hand. If I had to narrow down my current pinning I would say the focus would be interior styling, all things design and the wintery wardrobe pieces I am currently coveting.

What inspired your #DECOtakeover?

M | The #DECOtakeover was a very real opportunity for me to share my daily inspirations in my community through the people I adore and admire, the places I love to visit, the textures that are currently drawing my attention and how the change of seasons influence my creative processes. It was a breath of fresh air to do a takeover that speaks of and honours the things that enrich my life and the She is Visual journey.


How did you come to meet all the interesting people you mentioned in the takeover?

M | I am very privileged to be surrounded by and incredible community of makers and creatives. I guess living in the centre of a small town sets the tone for more regular engagement at your local coffee spot or walk down the street and that is how new connections spring to life here. I have also met incredible people and their stories by being approached to help them build and breathe life into their brands – but then there is also the magic of following my nose into the rural areas and stumbling upon gems like Idah after a simple prayer that turned into a miraculous amity.

Who are you following on Instagram?

M | @stephaniesomebody @sundaysuppers @wijzijnkees

L | @amandajanejones @kessara @satsukishibuya @sundaysuppers 

Latest or greatest workshop you did recently?

L | The latest in our line up was our #Letsbrew coffee workshop in collaboration with Legado Coffee Roastery. being passionate about this finest of morning brews made it exciting to bring the topic to life in such an experiential way. Taking on a more masculine look and feel than our previous workshops, it was nice to play with bold fonts and details with a colour palette of black and white.


Images courtesy of SHE IS VISUAL

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Aside from beautiful curationSHE IS VISUAL dives deep into brand development and visual identity. From consultation and conception, they create a platform for your brand that will speak volumes. Known for logo designs, corporate fonts, copywriting, story telling and rebranding, this talented team is committed to print design, creative direction and all of your web design needs.


+  makers sharing their talent, knowledge and stories

+  enjoy honest, simple food and drinks over authentic conversation

+  a time of creation as we put the day’s knowledge into practice +  our hands to work.

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