Its fair to say that Deco wouldn’t be Deco without the help of our trusty interns. Meet Gabriella Neumbo, one of our newest recruits who works across the team and assists in both the editorial and digital department. When she’s not sourcing products or busy with online research for the website, you can find this media student exploring the Mother City with her camera in hand.

What projects are you working on at DECO at the moment?
Right now I’m currently working on an Instagram trend post for the DECO website.

How do you spend your time when you’re not at work?
Prancing around the city, taking snaps of beautiful architecture, recording beauty tutorials for my YouTube channel  or sharing a few giggles with friends over a glass of wine.

ELLE Deco SA - Photography by Gabriella Neumbo
Photography by Gabriella Neumbo

Why did you want to join the DECO team?
I love the feeling of turning blank spaces into living breathing areas. I am a creative at heart, coming up with simple ideas that turn into life. That’s exactly what working for a magazine entails – coming up with ideas and inspirations and harvesting them into a final product, the magazine. Its fascinating seeing the final copy, a proud moment, even if your contribution was a small one.

What are you most looking forward to about the experience?
Gaining as much experience as I can. Learning the ins and outs of the magazine industry, both print and digital.  Having a front row view of the behind the scenes of magazine production and being able to contribute to it.

Tell us your favorite thing about Spring?
There’s something unexplainable about Spring, it just makes you happy. The sudden burst of fresh air, and being able to wear floral prints and enjoy the sun.

Where will we find you hanging out this Spring/Summer?
You are most likely to find me at the beach or food market where there are tons of interesting people and great food, or back home with my family in Namibia.

Namibian sand dunes - ELLE Deco SA

What would your ideal weekend entail?
Breakfast in London, with the view of the London eye. Thai food for lunch after snorkeling on an island in Thailand and to end the day, dinner at a café in Queens, New York.

What’s your favorite meal to cook at home?
Sweet potato and chicken bake with steamed cauliflower, and pancakes of course.

Favourite room in the house and why?
My bedroom, but sitting on my balcony with the city buzz below me complete with the setting of the sun puts me in a really good zen place.

Best shop for décor?
Mr. Price home, Woodstock antique stores and if I had a blank cheque, Zara home.

Which décor trend are you loving right now?
Anything modern minimalistic. I am also really loving pastel décor and prints with rose-gold finishing.

Dream interior ELLE Deco SA

What are you reading right now?
8th confession by James Patterson

What are you listening to and downloading?
My playlist is always changing. Right now I’m enjoying ‘Hoops’ by London based artist Jones. I’m downloading Narcos.

What are your favorite websites for inspiration?
I prefer inspiration from my surroundings – the food I’m eating, the music I’m listening to, or the book I’m rereading. However, Pinterest has beautiful imagery and ideas.

What app could you not live without?
Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Top 5 people to follow on Instagram?
@Asiyami_Gold |  @packyoursuitcase | @travelnoir | @bloggers_boyfriend | @unclescrooch

Favourite quote?

If the door doesn’t open, it’s not for you.

Best advice you ever received?
My sister once told me: love yourself unapologetically, no one else will.

What advice would you give to others looking to intern at DECO?
Leave nothing to chance. Try to find meaningful takeaways in every task, good or bad. Work hard. Have fun but not so much fun that it takes away from your focus.

What do you think you’ll be doing five years from now?
I’m not sure about where I’ll be, but I hope to be doing everything I’m doing now, just on a much bigger and better scale. Being happy with my career and travelling the world with the ones I love.


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