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Christine van Deemter | Elle Decoration South Africa
Christine van Deemter
Christine van Deemter | Elle Decoration South Africa
‘I adore this Phrenology vase, a birthday present to myself. My boyfriend hates it and tried to veto it. He thinks it’s weird having a head filled with flowers, imagination-less engineer that he is!’
Christine van Deemter | Elle Decoration South Africa
‘Beautiful lilies in my favourite vase, Zed shelves from Stokperd (on my wishlist!), and a few of our prints, festival posters and paintings on the walls.’
Christine van Deemter | Elle Decoration South Africa
‘Our feature wall near the breakfast nook – a print I bought on Etsy for my rock-n-roll loving boyfriend, a Banksy print we picked up in London, a small sea captain illustration by local artist Maria Lebedeva, and a watercolour by my friend Daniël du Plessis of Sakatia island in Madagascar, where we went on holiday in 2012.’
Your favourite décor trend at the moment?
Definitely the Scandinavian minimalism look – light wood accents, simple lines, greys and blues, with lots of light and white.
What is your worst?
I’m from Pretoria, so… anything faux Tuscan. There’s a complex in Pretoria East called “Villa Chateaux”, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see it.
Top of your décor wish list?
My boyfriend and I bought a flat last year and are busy fixing it up, so the list is endless! No. 1 would be sanded wooden floors – our flat has original dark wooden floors, which have a certain charm, but it’s not the look I’d like. I also want to reupholster our couches, that’s next on the list of things to drive my boyfriend crazy with. Ooh and floor-to-ceiling bookcases… and new bathroom tiles… and new kitchen cupboards…
What is the worst advice you ever received? 
I check all home advice with my parents first – my mom’s an estate agent who loves renovating and decorating, and my engineer dad is a DIY machine and does everything perfectly, even if it takes forever. The worst advice would probably be me telling myself I can take shortcuts DIYing something like painting.
What is your secret weapon?
I can visualise exactly how I want something to look, so it’s easy for me to plan a look. I also have a weird superpower of being able to exactly size items in my mind’s eye, so I don’t buy furniture items that are too big or small, I can immediately tell if it will fit. It annoys my boyfriend no end because it means I’m always right about what we can buy!
Christine van Deemter | Elle Decoration South Africa
‘The view from our flat in Green Point – we took one look at the view and bought the place and only later saw all the things that needed to be fixed!’

Young South African designer to watch?

I love Stokperd, and we have a few pieces from Pedersen+Lennard, Maiden Name and Raw Studios in our home. I love supporting local designers – next on my shopping list are bedside tables from Hemma Furniture and maybe some Zed shelves and the Emily cabinet from Stokperd. I also love local artists and have ordered paintings and prints from Lorraine Loots’s 365 Postcards for Ants series, which I can’t wait to see! Three of my friends are artists (Leon Bellingan, Daniël du Plessis and Riaan van Zyl) and we’re lucky enough to have a few of their works hanging in our house as well.
You’d rather be…
Walking around an old European city, eating every pastry I can find and shopping on the high street.

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