Discovering new design and craft talents from around the globe is one of the highlights of our jobs here at DECO, so imagine our delight when we stumbled across ceramicist Romy Northover. Taking a closer look at her unique hand-crafted pieces is inspiring stuff.

Romy Northover, artist and ceramicist, has a unique approach to her craft. Her fully developed style stems from her globe-trotting lifestyle, studying in London, living and working in Hong Kong, Venice and Berlin before opening her studio, No. at Togei Kyoshitsu in New York in 2012.

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Romy had a serene childhood growing up in the English countryside with a family filled with designers, filmmakers and artists. Being exposed to such creative environment, it is perhaps no surprise that Romy pursued a career in the arts. After completing her BA in Fine Art, she went through somewhat of an existential crisis (that graduates are prone to on entering the ‘real’ world for the first time). However, she continued on, making video art and installations through out her 20s, exhibiting in Europe.

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Traditionally trained in European ceramics, Romy is currently using the Japanese techniques of Kinuneri, Tebineri and Rokuro. You can see, in these beautiful pieces highlighted here, how a subtle, marbled palette beautifully interplays with surprising forms – like oversized mug handles and distinctly un-uniform shapes and lines. There is a raw, earthy texture, glazed over in a sumptuous finish – creating a range that we found had an earthy luxury we couldn’t resist sharing.

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Visit Romy’s website or follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

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