It’s perfect synchronicity when the interior space of a creative so seamlessly reflects their design aesthetic – in this case it’s the Cape Town store interiors of fashion designer Margot Molyneux.

Your studio space is… A small, very busy, happy place.

Who was behind the interior design and production of the new store space? My husband, Marlon Leggat, co-owns a project development company, Framework. Marlon designed the space and the furniture, while Framework was responsible for the fit out of the store.

Three words or a quote that best describes your work… Simple, feminine, practical.

Do you have one particular collection that is your favourite? I feel the company has matured a lot in the past couple of years, we are really finding our groove and cementing the way we do things. Because of this I feel our most recent collection is a favourite, Noa.

Does the aesthetic of your clothing collections follow into the interior of your store? Most definitely, our clothing was the main focus behind the store. We wanted a space that could be a strong statement about who we are as a brand as well as the aesthetic we want to achieve, while still being able to display and complement each new season’s collection.

The ultimate material to work with? I can’t say I have an ‘ultimate’ of much, just never been able to choose favourites, but some of the best would be cottons and silk. I love the rigidity that a cotton can bring to a garment, while silk is just so soft to touch and wear, it just feels like luxury.

Best advice you’ve ever been given? Not to worry about things you have no control over. It has been an important thing to try and learn, although it sounds obvious, it seems many of us spend much time worrying about things we simply cannot change. If we could free up that mind space towards something positive, I believe we’d live in a different society.

What are the main positives and negatives of working in a creative role? There are many of both factors. Being an entrepreneur is one of the best and hardest jobs at the same time. We, as a company, are faced with many logistical restrictions on what we are able to achieve, while contradictory my role is to create and ultimately make anything we choose.

Top 3 major influences on your work? People, life and our environment.

Who should Elle Decoration be following on Instagram? @Maggieontherocks, @Palesakgasane, @aboutarianne

Favourite words to live by? ‘It’s not the end of the world’. We use this expression frequently in the studio, such that is has become a running joke. After all nothing that anyone does, in terms of the production of clothing, could have a terribly serious consequence.

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