‘Oh you’re good, you’re real good.’

DECO worked with Megan Taljaard on our Wind in the Willows feature in our latest Spring Issue.  We commissioned her to make dresses that mimic the shape of Ming vases and were thrilled with the result!

Images: Out takes from our Wind in the Willows shopping story in our Spring Issue92

Our designer Kirsten Townsend had a little Q & A with Megan to find out just what makes this budding fashion designer tick.

1.    What is it that you do, and why have you chosen to pursue this direction?

I make 3 dimensional fashion sculptures out of unconventional fabrics. I do it because it challenges me.

2.    Who would you say is your biggest influence, and why?

Riccardo Tisci. I think that he is exceptionally gifted in terms of vision.

Image: Carapace Cork Fashion Design: Carapace Dress, Image supplied by Henrique Wilding

3.    In the Fashion Issue, we covered your cork dress. This was what made us fall in love with your work. Do you enjoy using ‘unusual substrates’, and what are the challenges?

Yes, I do, I like having faith in ideas that others would generally think of as ‘impossible or absurd’. I love the problem solving that goes hand in hand with working on unconventional projects. I love the end result, be it success or failure, its knowledge and experience. 

4.    If budget and resources weren’t an issue, what would your ultimate garment be made from?

I’m very drawn to highly modern or futuristic looking fabrics like neoprene and poly Chloroprene, but at the same time I have an unconditional love, appreciation and respect for nature and its raw materials. I understand that no matter how hard we try we will never be able to replicate or prefabricate what nature gives us. I’m interested in the concept of finding a certain balance or harmony between new world technology and nature.

5.    If you could collaborate with any fashion designer dead/live/local/or international, who would they be, and what made you choose them?

Riccardo Tisci,because he is a pioneer.

6.    If you could have your work on any runway in the world, which show would you like to see your work at?

I’m not very interested in shows – they are transitory. I’m more interested in Fashion Film and 3d moving images. I think fashion films are way cooler because they engage with an audience in terms of dramatic effect.

7.     If you could design fashion in any era, which would it be?

Probably the late 70’s, early 80’s. The Dark Wavers intrigue me. I do think this is an exciting era though. This neo-punk subculture that has developed will probably be a fun one to look back on.

You can get hold of her on 084 441 7232 or meganheartfailure@gmail.com

All photographs courtesy of Henrique Wilding | @hwildphoto |