Artist Meschac Gaba is originally from Benin, but settled in Rotterdam after his studies at Amsterdam’s Rijksakademie . His first South African exhibition took place in 2007 at Michael Stevenson in Cape Town.  Tresses featured a series of sculptures woven from artificial hair in the shape of iconic South African buildings. Locals will surely recognise (below, from left to right) the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, Johannesburg’s Sentech Tower, and Cape Town’s much-reviled Disa Park.


Now Meschac Gaba is back at Michael Stevenson with a new show, presenting his new series of Tresses, this time in the shape of cars, like Mercedes below:

Meschac Gaba Mercedes

Gaba’s solo show The Street opens on Thursday 1 October at Michael Stevenson in Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town. The other solo exhibition on concurrently is by Paul Edmunds with Subtropicalia, while the FOREX Project room features paintings by London-based artist, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

It has to be mentioned that Paul Edmunds, is my husband, so of course I’m particularly excited to see the ten works he’ll be showing, but even if I were completely disinterested party, I reckon I’d still be making my way towards the gallery on Thursday evening. See you there!