Miele-Leading the way in laundry care
Miele - leading the way in laundry care with the new state-of-the-art WDA range of washing machines

Miele’s new WDA range of washings machines is designed to make laundry days as easy and efficient as possible. The new range integrates advanced features and state-of-the-art technology for optimum cleaning performance and energy efficiency.

Miele's WDA range of washing machines

Miele’s new WDA washing machines have been designed, manufactured and tested to last for a minimum of 20 years. From the corrosion-resistant enamel finish that keeps the machine looking brand new for decades, to the carefully designed waterproof system that guarantees against flooding, the premium quality of a Miele washing machine offers superb results and maximum convenience time after time – which is why they are firmly on DECO’s wishlist.

miele washing machine

But what really sets this new machine apart from its competitors? DECO spoke to the team at Miele to get the lowdown on the important tech details:

PowerWash system: The intensive drenching of the laundry, combined with lower energy consumption, improves the already impressive previous cleaning performance by as much as 10%.

TwinDos: Offering built-in automatic detergent and conditioner dispensing for up to 3 months for the ultimate cleaning convenience and dispensing efficiency.

CapDosing: Compact and easy to use single-use capsules are available for fabrics with special detergent care requirements, such as wool, silks, sportwear and re-proofing.

Eco Feedback: The WDA range accurately calculates the duration, energy and water consumption in every programme so that you can monitor your utility spend.

ProfiEco motor: Strong and economical, Miele’s ground-breaking ProfiEco engine ensures that all clothes are washed quickly and economically, and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The honeycomb drum: Thanks to its unique design, the drum creates a thin film of water that cushions your clothes during the wash cycle, protecting them from the damaging effects of spinning.

SoftSteam functionality: Miele’s patented honeycomb drum now includes “Pre-Ironing” and SteamCare functionalities. At the end of the cycle, steam enters the drum, reducing creases and minimising the need for after-washing ironing.

Automatic programmes: Miele offers a wide range of automatic programmes that make doing your laundry as easy as pressing a button. Automatic programmes, such as Express Wash 20 for example, are ideal for cleaning your clothes as quickly as possible, while saving you time and money.

Supreme energy efficiency:  Boasting an improved A++ energy efficiency rating, Miele’s WDA range of washing machines also helps to reduce your environmental impact, as well as lowering your energy bills.


To find out more or to find a retailer closest to you, visit miele.co.za.