Miele Miele DGM6800 combi microwave steamer

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest options for your family’s daily diet. Launching this month, Miele’s unique integrated DGM6800 combi steam cooker with microwave combines the benefits of steam and microwave cooking – AND saves space in one slick design.

When it comes to the most frequently-used appliance, the hob unit is undoubtedly in pole position in South African kitchens. But things get exciting as candidates line up for second place: microwaves currently lead, but steam ovens are hard on their heels.

Given the constraints of space in many kitchens, the choice of appliance often boils down to an either/or situation – with space for only one of the two to make the cut. But now Miele’s built-in DGM6800 combi microwave steamer, launching in South Africa this month, is set to put an end to this dilemma.

Mercia de Jager from Miele told DECO:

Miele’s DGM6800 combines the convenience of a microwave with the quality of cooking results produced by Miele’s high-end steam ovens.

Miele Miele DGM6800 combi microwave steamer - family

She says that she sees considerable potential for this new appliance, which masters both disciplines without entertaining compromises on functionality, end results, or long-lasting quality.

To generate steam, Miele uses MultiSteam technology – a powerful 3.3kW external steam generator and eight steam inlet ports in the rear panel of the oven interior. Mercia tells us: ‘the MultiSteam technology ensures fast and uniform steam generation and distribution throughout the oven cavity for optimum cooking results. Microwave power can be called up in seven stages with a maximum output of 1000W.’ Special features include a QuickStart function (for reheating hot chocolate and cold tea at the touch of a button) and an automatic programme for popcorn.

Miele Miele DGM6800 combi microwave steamer

The DGM6800 boasts an impressive 40-litre capacity, it is illuminated by long-life LEDs, and comes complete with extra-large cooking containers and a glass tray. The most notable features include more than 150 automatic programmes that are conveniently accessed via an M Touch display, and its easy search functionality. Also, users are able to compile and save up to 20 of their own personalised programmes.

The new DGM6800 combi steam cooker is fully integrated and designed to fit into a cabinet recess with a height of 45cm. It is available in CleanSteel stainless steel, Obsidian Black, Brilliant White and Havana Brown. The machine boasts plug-and-play technology with four stainless-steel cooking containers, a wire rack, a glass drip tray, two descaling tablets and a steam cooking recipe book.

Without a doubt, this is one appliance firmly on DECO’s wishlist for our next kitchen revamp.


Available in store from July 2015, the DGM6800 combi steam cooker with microwave is set to retail for R47 990.

Visit miele.co.za to find out more information or to find a retailer closest to you.

Miele DGM6800 combi microwave steamer

Miele Miele DGM6800 combi microwave steamer