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When it comes to great design, every inch counts. And, as anyone who’s ever owned furniture knows, arranging it can be particularly difficult, no matter the size of your space. 

Luckily, Berlin-based rental service Wimdu has a few tricks up their sleeve on how to get the most out of your square footage.

For starters, Wimdu says there are some decorating pitfalls that can actually make your space look smaller than it is, and as a general rule of thumb, less is more.

They also recommend moving furniture pieces a few inches away from the wall to give the illusion of an open space. And though it may seem counterintuitive to arrange three lamps around a tiny room, more sources of light actually make the space feel bigger.

While there is no one rule that everyone must adhere to when decorating, there are many mistakes that could and should be avoided…


What went wrong: Decorating every aspect of a room in matching colours, fabrics and patterns means that everything visually becomes one.

How to avoid: Add some variation by mixing styles for cushions, throws and upholstery. If you are a fan of coordinating decor, limit the theme to either the walls or the furnishings, but not both.


What went wrong: Dark coloured wallpaper absorbs light, making rooms seem smaller than they actually are.

How to avoid: Use light colours which make spaces feel open and airy. If you must use darker shades, confine them to a feature wall.



What went wrong: Pushing all of your furniture up against the walls can actually open up an abyss of nothingnes in the centre of the room and make the whole space feel smaller.

How to avoid: Arrange furniture away from the walls in strategic and cosy groupings. If you prefer an open space, leave a couple of inches between the wall and the furniture. This gives the impression that the walls are further away than they are.


What went wrong: Littering every surface of a room with knick-knacks can make even larger spaces feel cluttered

How to avoid: Create seasonal displays of your favourite items and change them regularly. If you can’t bear to pack away your favourite trinkets, put a shelf up specifically for display surfaces.



What went wrong: Curtains that dangle midway give the impression of a lower ceiling.

How to avoid: Opting for floor to ceiling curtains will make both the room and the windows feel bigger. Full-legth curtains not your thing? Place your curtain rail as close to the ceiling as possible and cut the curtains off at the windowsill. This creates the illusion of a higher season.


What went wrong: Too much furniture in a room will limit your space and get in the way.

How to avoid: Relocate furniture to other rooms in the house. Moving an armchair into the bedroom can create a cosy reading nook. Make sure there is no furniture blocking the windows. Connecting the room with outside will create the illusion of depth and make the space look bigger.



What went wrong: Many rooms are only fitted with one overhead lamp which provides a single source of light, making the space feel smaller.

How to avoid: Choose 3 lamps and arrange them around the room. The light will bounce off the walls and reach the darker corners. If you don’t have the space for additional lamps, use a mirror to reflect natural light around the room.

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