All eyes are set on Taipei as we await the World Design Capital 2014 announcement tomorrow morning, Wednesday 26 October, which coincides with the Taipei World Design Expo, currently on show. An estimated one million visitors have walked through this expo of graphic and interior design, architecture and art. With an emphasis on old and new at the expo, we spotlight two revamped art forms on show…

First up we spotlight a larger-than-life Taiwanese calligraphy installation by world renowned Taiwanese calligrapher Tong Yang-tze (above). Forty graphic designers, from six Asian countries and regions including Taiwan, were each called to create a larger-than life design reinterpreting calligraphy characters or words. Some of the transformations resembled monsters, animals, outfits for robots, and other fun interpretations, such as the woven series (above), each forcing the viewer to take a new look at this age-old tradition.

Wallpaper has also been given new life in the form of Seediq Bale’s interactive game, based on the Taiwanese epic film Warriors of the Rainbow. Viewers were allowed to control motions of a game character through motion capture projected onto a wall (top image), dodging traps, obstacles and rescuing hostages in a virtual forest. Did someone say an interactive ninja wallpaper? Awesome!

For more on the Taipei Design Expo, visit Watch this space for more news from Taipei, as we await the announcement of World Design Capital 2014.