Moroso presents ‘Metamorphosis – Moroso Collections, from design to visual arts’: the inaugural exhibition at Casa Cavazzini, the new modern and contemporary art exhibition space in the Udine, Italy.

Masterfully designed by Marco Vida and co-curated with Andrea Bruciati and Patrizia Moroso, the show looks at metamorphosis and transformation in the broadest sense of the word.

It also covers design, art, work behind the scenes and craftsmanship. Above all it’s ‘a walk through time, a sideways glance at what has been done and what could have been done: a story of ideas, prototypes, variants, variations, hybrids, contaminations, artistic interpretations, mistakes…’ explained Patrizia Moroso, art director of the Friuli-based company and lead player, alongside her brother Roberto, of the transformation which from the Eighties onwards, led the company to become a leader of the haute couture of international design.

There’s a great story to be told in the history of an all-Italian business enterprise set up in Udine in 1952 by Agostino Moroso and his wife Diana, who started the company to design and produce sofas, chairs and furnishing accessories. The Casa Cavazzini exhibition is dedicated to them, and is a celebration of their life’s work.

The exhitibtion covers drawings, images, 3D models, prototypes, one-off pieces and objects which were never put into production – with a mindfulness of the future and without ever slipping into the ‘nostalgia trap’ of important retrospectives and tributes.

‘I prefer to celebrate the future with an exhibition which is about life and change,’ says Patrizia. ‘Now is the time for a healthy relationship between art and design.’

Andrea Bruciati was called on to interpret, develop and interweave art and design in a new way. Together with Patrizia Moroso, he initiated the Moroso Award for Contemporary Art, now in its third year, to showcase and support artists working mainly in Italy. For the exhibition at Casa Cavazzini, Bruciati was responsible for selecting significant contributing artists – names like Tobias Rehberger, Michael Lin, Francesco Simeti and Andrea Sala. Their work will be showcased alongside the many candidates who competed for the Moroso Award.

‘I believe that art sees in design the possibility of materially shaping an idea, making a concept an object in attractive packaging. The other very strong power of seduction is the far-ranging ability to communicate with everyone, its democratic and functional potential for society,’ says Bruciati.

At the exhibition, Moroso takes ideas from the relationship with art and brings them back to life in objects from our daily existence. ‘Ive never asked anyone to design a piece for me – I’ve always asked them to try to imagine a world.’

The exhibition will run until 7 January 2012 .