Thanks to Zsófi, one of our readers from Hungary, I found out about an amazing company in Budapest. Young designer and applied artist Szilvi Kauker is passionate about the tradition of cement and mosaic tiles. So, after studying art, design and horticulture, she started her own company called MOZA to design and manufacture the most beautiful tiles.


The objective behind MOZA is to revive almost-forgotten tile manufacturing techniques that date back to the 19th Century, preserving patterns and styles for future generations, while also looking to come up with contemporary designs, using the old manufacturing methods. Cement tile manufacture of this type is a very hands-on process, and if you visit the MOZA website, you’ll see Szilvi getting stuck in to making tiles.




Visit the website to see work done and installed by MOZA, a collection of old and new designs, available in an amazing array of colours, and also see their collection of antique tiles. It’s always so inspiring to see old styles and techniques being respected and maintained.