Ms Rockwell, aka. Stacey Dunn. Photographer: Jonathan Caramanus

Were you at our #DECO100 party on Monday night? It was quite a night, a true celebration and quite a stylish affair even if we say so ourselves. We had the best of everything, especially the music. We were entertained by the sweet tunes of Ms Rockwell, aka. Stacey Dunn.

DECO is always on the hunt for the best and we’ve found her: Cape Town based, Canadian born DJ, wardrobe stylist and producer, Stacey is on our radar.

 There’s no mess that can’t be danced away

Ms Rockwell, aka. Stacey Dunn | Elle Decoration South Africa
Ms Rockwell, aka. Stacey Dunn.
Ms Rockwell, aka. Stacey Dunn | Elle Decoration South Africa
In action at the DECO 100 Celebration party at Crema.

Intrigued by this voguish dame, DECO caught up with her to find out more of her style secrets…

What is in your festival survival kit?
Dr. Hauschka everything, the lip balm is my absolute favourite and the Rose Day Cream is the best. My glass water bottle (filled with glorious mountain water), I don’t leave home with out it! And of course my iPhone and SPF.

We know what Marilyn Monroe wore to bed, what is your everyday No.5?
I am Gemini so my attention to perfumes can change. At the moment it is Chloe ‘LOVE’. I find it works with me day or night. I go through phases though, I sometimes wear nothing, or I completely douse myself in it.

My next flight is booked to London, shopping trip and the works.

Who is playing Stacey Dunn in the story of your life? Charlotte Gainsbourg. I really love her. I like that she is masculine and feminine at the same time— something that is a part of my Gemini soul, the two sides.

On my bedside table you will find a pile of jewelry, it all seems to sleep there, along with a few family pictures and vitamins.

I would have to describe the decor of my home as ‘a work in progress’ and ‘needs some attention’. My work as a wardrobe stylist means my home is often overtaken by clothing.

My style these days is ‘less is more, clean lines, no clutter, keep it simple

Your turn is up at the Juke Box, what song do you pick? Lately I have been vibing on Jimmi Hendrix, so I would say anything by him or anything 70’s.

Tell us a secret… The secret I have to tell is easy: Our thoughts manifest our reality.

You are on the red carpet. Your gown is designed by South African Designer…
I would choose a mix of several SA designers to design my red carpet look. I would choose a hat from Simon & Mary, shoes from MOMO and a men’s wear inspired look from Chu Suwannapha. It’s hard to choose just one… I also love Black Coffee of lately and Taibo Bacar.


Hear Stacey in action and contact her here:

Twitter:  @StaceyBDunn

Photographs: Jonathan Caramanus and Rizqua Barnes