Buitengewoon Studios

After climbing four flights of stairs, DECO was warmly invited into the beautifully lit welcome area of Buitengewoon Studios. ELLE DECO went along to the opening of the Buitengewoon studios launch party to browse the rails of exciting local designers.

Buitngewoon Studios is a creative and vibrant space born out of a need for designers to coexist, share costs, responsibilities, ideas and most importantly share knowledge and experiences in the industry. This communal studio is home to six designer brands and showroom for Cape Town based fashion labels: Spilt Milk, Skeet, Selfi, Isabel de Villiers, One of Each and Boheme.

Buitengewoon studio1

All six brands are built upon ethically produced high quality products ranging from ready to wear, garments and accessories to custom-designed bespoke pieces. All products are designed and manufactured in Cape Town.

Buitengewoon Studios

We chose to set up in Buitenkant Street because we feel the area has a lot of design potential. Lots of creatives and designers walk about in the area. We are surrounded by an abundance of different cultures and influences.


The space has room for other creative potential. We are keen to have other and different designers use the welcoming area to exhibit their range of products or pieces for a period of time. Our shelving can be adjusted to accommodate various size products.


As designers, we’re in the perfect position to collaborate with other creatives and share skills within our broader community.

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