We’ve always had a thing for cowboys and indians. (We have a cow-covered couch in our studio as proof. Remember that infamous cowboy shoot in our International Issue?) So we’re particularly excited about the new Tessa Sonik Fabric Collection: Indians & Cowboys, featuring a varied range of textiles. The starting point for this new collection was the large amount of ikat shown worldwide. With this in mind, Tessa and her team looked into the history of ikat, a dyeing process similar to tie-dye. Ikat, most likely the oldest form of textile decoration, is common to many world cultures, and involves serious time and skill.

Tessa Sonik followed its chain of influence from Argentina all the way up the spine of South and Central America – Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala and finally to Mexico. From here they jumped the border and studied the ikat tradition of Native America. ‘Here we were drawn to the handcrafted and the natural. We also realized that where there were Indians, there were Cowboys.  We were intrigued by the juxtaposition of these two cultures… and so the collections was born.’

The Indians range consists of natural yarns, including cottons, linens and viscose. The Cowboys range includes beautiful leathers and an embossed PVC that mimics a beautiful shimmering pony skin. The Indian palette is soft and mystical, led by pale aquas and soft greens; the cowboy palette is comprised of strong reds and blues reminiscent of the American Mid-West.

For more on this new range visit tessasonik.com