Homeware retailer, @home, and celebrated South African designer, Gavin Rajah, have once again joined forces to bring a beautiful new collection to the market.

Following on from the Pret A Vivre (ready to live) collection, which launched in @home stores in November 2017, Rajah and his team have created a Japan-inspired homeware collection titled Geisha and Koi.

Gavin Rajah has expertly translated the style and romance of the high-fashion catwalk into the living and sleeping environments of the modern home.

Crafted using Rajah’s iconic approach to couture, the new collection features accents of geometric quilting, embroidery and beading, creating rich, intriguing textures and a sure sense of luxury.

While opulence comes as a standard for Gavin Rajah, this collection pulls through a new sense of refinement and tradition. This is achieved by a combination of Rajah’s choice of fabrics, and the use of traditional Japanese motifs such as waves, clouds, fans and the mystical koi fish.

The fabrics have been selected not only for beauty but as Rajah points out, “Because they breathe, wear well, sleep well and travel well. The home- and sleepwear in effect straddle all modes of living, they would be as appropriate to lounge around your living spaces as they would be on a long-haul flight, or even for a stroll along the beach.”

Rajah explains that the apparel has been designed with both comfort and chic in mind. “Think of a kimono silhouette,” he says. “There is that impression of simplicity combined with elegance, of comfort entwined with luxury.” The sleepwear collection will be shown for the first time on the AFI runway, 21 March 2018.