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Striking sensory sensation that has never existed before, Swart Coffee. Images by Nicette Andrea Dos Santos

To the dedicated black coffee lovers, and due to our caffeine love affair, we introduce a new local brew, Swart Coffee, a non-alcoholic, cold concentrated coffee melange for cocktails. DECO booked a Swart coffee date with the new kid on the block to find out what was brewing.

Have you tasted Swart? A new phenomenal cold crafted coffee made in Cape Town. Swart made its debut at the Kamersvol Geskenke market out in Hermanus on the 24th September 2015.

THE SECRET Like all things refined, Swart Cold Coffee is a calculated, timeous process. The challenge comes in whereby the ratio of bean to water is carefully measured, together with optimal steeping duration. Once the brew has reached its optimal steep, Nitrous is added and the contents are kegged and bottled, resulting in a flavoursome, balanced and complete product.

Good things take time.


Swart Coffee’s aim is to introduce a new culture of fine bean appreciation. Through a slow and careful process of cold extraction, the often understated subtleties and unique qualities of the bean are captured. This distinctive array of flavours brought to the pallet offer a sensory sensation.

Roasting coffee is an art. And the roaster is the artist. Good coffee takes a little more than just turning on a machine. It takes skill to get the best out the bean.


Ernest Andrews, part brew master and part helicopter pilot, spent a good part of two years tirelessly refining his signature cold brew. Inspired by brew masters and chefs abroad, Andrews took this further by refining the brewing process for the best possible bean extraction.  A triple filtered, 100% organic cold crafted coffee was the end result, incomparable to any other cold brew product on the market. And, as the saying goes, behind every successful man is a successful woman. Nicette dos Santos is the second half to the dynamic duo. Part cellist and part digital design consultant, dos Santos also enjoys serving as the coffee tasting guinea pig.

Every coffee bean that we use has its own brewing parameters, to get the best flavor and aroma.. A photo posted by S W A R T (@swart_coffee) on

This is just the beginning for these two local brewers, as they continue to explore and experiment with new methods of extracting and percolating.

Our logo represents everything our generation is and has the potential to be – unconventional, limitless, ever-changing and most importantly, united.


To enjoy a refined, slow brewed Swart Coffee bottle, find them at Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants & Kamers Online

Contact Swart Coffee via email or follow them on Instagram


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