The new Minotti 2013 Collection is now available at Limeline. This exquisite collection, coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni, is one that truly speaks of Minotti’s doctrine of enlightened craftsmanship combined with advanced technology.

Dordoni’s working partnership with Minotti as the company’s artistic director dates back to 1997. With his background in architecture and exceptional eye Dordoni’s presence is a key ingredient to Minotti’s unique style.


The Minotti 2013 Collection seems to create a synthesis of eras, the ‘50’s ‘60’s and ‘70’s. Interpreting a wealth of design ideas with an aesthetic language of their own, Minotti shares with us their inspiration for the collection.

The three pieces from the 2013 Collection, depicted below, are now exclusively available at Limeline on Orange Street.

The Spencer

Spencer is a family of two- and three-seat sofas, with bench, armchair and chaise longue. This style sofa is a pure expression of current design yet casts a respectful eye to the past and draws on some ideas that recall popular shapes from the Sixties and Seventies.

Spencer’s  lines give it a look that is light and compact yet balanced in proportions, backed by quality construction techniques. Every detail of this sofa’s construction is designed to allow one to sit up straight and still be comfortable and relaxed.

 The Denny Armchair

Fine craftsmanship and attention to detail are distinctive traits of the Denny armchair that are effectively highlighted by upholstery in  shades that lend it star status in living spaces. The Denny shows hints of retro style yet is an ode to modern technology.

A sophisticated design with calculated proportions, and the shape of the bracket-like decorative element all work together to make sophisticated centerpiece. The tailored finishes fully express the values of seasoned, handcrafted virtuosity, which underpins the construction of this armchair.


The Neto Table

“Good design withstands the test of time”, this claim is even more likely to be true if the design element in question is made of a highly durable material. Baydur® 60 structural polyurethane is just that; this synthetic is the material of choice by Minotti for the base of the Neto table, admittedly a ‘50s and ‘60s revival-inspired piece.

The base of the table is like a tapered cup that ends at the floor. The top of the Neto table is available in round, square and rectangular shapes with beveled edges, and in multiple sizes.



 Minotti Studio is a team of professionals that are constantly engaged in research and development to find the best technical and aesthetic solutions. These three exquisite pieces are an example of this and can be found in variety at Limeline in Cape Town. For more information visit the Minotti website.Limeline – 15 On Orange

Orange Street
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