The Ashton Children's Table and Chair from Woodbender.

Very few high-end furniture companies make considerations for children, but Woodbender prides itself on being family-oriented, and thus introduces a range of chairs and tables, specially made for children.

As Woodbender’s signature aesthetic, solid wood is used to make the chairs and tables paying close attention to safety and functionality – as one must do with children, they are fitted with round corners and stable legs. The durable designs are perfect for school and work environments such as waiting rooms, with the added benefit of being light and easily moveable.

The collection comes in a range of bold hues so you can choose which colour best works with your décor. The tables and chairs are covered with a protective lacquer finish, therefore, purchasing from this range is an investment with Woodbender’s guaranteed mark of quality and longevity.

The Ashton Chair and Children’s Table.

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