Founded in 2012 by Nkuli Mlangeni, The Ninevites is a collaborative platform and design studio to explore under-told narratives of life from Southern Africa using textiles, design and imagery. We talk to Nkuli about her new collection, her inspiration and how she keeps her aesthetic fresh.

Can you tell me about your range? How are you expanding? Would you be able to tell me what we can look forward to?

The new range is basically a continuation of the previous one I would say, still drawing inspiration from local craft but even more minimal. We’ve added mohair throws to our product, previously we only had rugs. And I think you can look forward to more playfulness and bold funky patterns.

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In terms of your inspiration, how do you keep yourself inspired? How do you ensure things are always fresh and exciting?

I love traveling and I try to travel whenever I can. I am also a dreamer always dreaming about all sort of things.Β Watching documentaries and digging into archives are some of my favourite things to do. And lately been checking out a lot of art, that inspires me.

Who inspires you?

Awesome black women who are out there doing their thing! I recently met an amazing woman by the name of Sizakele Morutlulle, she is so cool! She’s got so much style, is inspiring, smart and beautiful. And I get so much energy from chatting to her and exchanging ideas. And there are whole lot more sisters like that I am so lucky to call friends, collaborators, and mentors.

What has been the best part of establishing Ninevites?

The people I got to meet through doing this, the artisans, collaborators, partners, and clients. I learn a lot from those interactions.

Do you have a current favourite piece?

One of the new designs I like a lot it does not have a name yet, its still in production but I look forward to seeing how it’s going to turn out.

Nkuli is hosting a pop-up launch party at 99 Juta in Johannesburg in celebration of her new range for The Ninevites. There’s going to be music, drinks, and an all-around vibe. Get yourself down there to see her collection first.