Nook in Stellenbosch is a daily eatery that does breakfast, a seasonal lunch buffet, light snacky meals and home baked pastries. ‘We love meeting and serving people in a space filled with light & laughter,’ says the new owner.

This stylish restaurant on Ryneveldt Street in Stellenbosch has recently been bought by Corlandi Conradie, and since the beaches in Cape Town aren’t going to be sunny and hospitable on Saturday – says the weatherman – we think a drive to the city of oaks and a pop-in at Nook might be the ticket.

Corlandi says her main mission was to de-clutter and open up the space. She has used the pastel elements of the old Nook to retain a sense of familiarity, but in a more toned down way.

The interior was self made, Scandinavian inspired design, all supplied by local craftsmen. After take-over they had only 10 hours to set up the new Nook. “Not perfect yet, but getting there,’ says Corlandi.

What people can look forward to is a completely new look and concept behind Nook. ¬†She didn’t want to give too much away, but said… ‘it is something to look forward to.’

– Posted by Inge van der Merwe and Jenny Mason