As the days grow longer you’ll start to recognise that alluring scent in the air… The tempting smell of summer. Waking up at sunrise is almost made easy courtesy of the brighter light and everyone’s step suddenly seems a little lighter, although that might simply be because of a change in shoes.

I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer

– F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Whether it’s the actual seasonal switch or the courage you get from being able to dive into the crisp waters of the ocean again, Summer seems to instill feelings of new beginnings, rejuvenation and an adventure on the horizon… be it near or far. It was with this attitude, ready for exploration and discoveries, that we approached this issue – The Great Escape. Consider it acelebration, of both indulging in wanderlust and embracing the sweetness of coming home, as Darrel Bristow-Bovey so perfectly puts it on page 66.

The concept of escaping is a rather subjective one, so we made sure to cover as many alternatives as possible – from far away journeys, to being a first-class traveler in your very own home space. If you’re ready to pack your bags and go, make sure you review our bucket list of destinations on page 59 before picking your spot, and discover the most spectacular design hotels around the world on page 84. You needn’t mortgage the house,though – this is armchair travel at its best, whether you’re the thrillseeker, the traditionalist, the pioneer or the eco-tourist.

It’s understandable however, that sometimes when you finally get the chance to take a break and recharge, all that’s calling your name is your sun lounger by the pool. If this is the case, make sure it’s a gorgeous one! You have no excuse really,because our Lab feature from page 31 holds the most beautiful collection of outdoor furniture and decor.

If travelling is definitely not on your agenda, escape with your senses and tastes buds at Liam Tomlin’s latest restaurant, Thali,on page 48. Need a little more? Be inspired by the homes in this issue that take you from mountain tops to the heart of the jungle, or to urban retreats that embrace the holiday spirit year round.

Taking a note from former ELLE Decoration editors on page 75,we hope you too are reminded that this summer is your chance to dream, and to dream big. You’re sure to find all the tools in this issue needed to escape, explore and experience, as we feel thatthis is the only way to end off a stunner of a year and prepare for an even better one. Wherever this summer takes you, get your out-of-office ready, travel safe, be fully present and ENJOY!

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The Summer Issue is all about new beginnings, rejuvenation and adventure. Consider it a celebration of both indulging in wanderlust and the sweetness of coming home. We discover the most spectacular design hotels around the world, show you a beautiful collection of outdoor furniture and décor, and tempt your tastebuds with a new indian tapas restaurant. Pick up your copy today and tell us what you think on Twitter @Elle_Deco using #SummerIssue.