Ode Furniture offers cantilever shelving options
Ode Furniture offers cantilever shelving options, perfect for home offices

Simple, beautiful and functional, cantilever shelving is a contemporary solution to wall-mounted storage, without those unattractive brackets. DECO’s Charné Mingo and Candice Lawrence visit Cape Town’s ODE showroom.

Inspired by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s mantra of less is more, Ode Furniture’s promise is, simply, ‘DIY wall-mounted floating furniture made just for you’.

With a wide selection of multi-purpose floating furniture that will make a contemporary statement in homes, offices or retail outlets, the range displays clean lines with a strong hidden bracket mechanism. The resulting pieces are perfect for much-needed storage or chic, fuss-free displays.

On a rather chilly Cape Town morning, DECO paid them a visit. In a quaint, modest little showroom just up Kloof Nek Road above the bustle of trendy Kloof Street, we found Ode’s latest range. Warmly greeted at the door by Ode’s Louise Chait, we were beckoned in and to have a good look around, before jumping right in to our casual interview.

ODE cantilever shelving3

How did Ode Furniture start and why the name?

The word ‘Ode’ means dedication or tribute. It is a dedication to classic design that is simple, functional and beautiful. Ode furniture started with designing simple shelving that gradually developed into a clean and sleek floating shelving in a variety natural and neutral colours, this further grew into a multi-purpose furniture business, that would make for modern contemporary statement in any home, office or retail outlet.

How has Ode Furniture’s designs influenced your showroom space?

Each client that visits has a different need. Sometimes small samples of materials or towels are brought in as clients like to visually see how our floating shelves can enhance or influence their spaces. Clients are welcome to walk around and see first-hand how Ode Furniture is able to compliment any room and space. We don’t hide anything! Our unique bracket mechanisms are on display for clients to see and test its strength by welcoming them to sit on our floating shelves.

Can you tell us more about how multi-functional Ode furniture can be and the design?

The desk is not only a working station. Some clients used it as a vanity station or kitchen counter top, we fit the need and custom size the design. Our designs are perfect for the home or the office. This is why we call it a floating shelf with draws.

Ode is complimented on their service. Is there something that Ode Furniture does differently for their clients?

Yes! Every step within the manufacturing process is graded. There is a strict quality check that is made at every step taken with our products that ensure excellent service and high end finishes that satisfy our clients and keeps them dedicated to the Ode brand.

ODE cantilever shelving2

After DECO’s inspiring visit, we saw how proud the Ode team are of the products they manufacture; a company that never settles for anything less than perfect when it comes to their craftsmanship, maintaining a very high standards of production and quality control that spans throughout the production process.

Their cantilever shelving is simple in design, elegantly manufactured, which can fit into any home or space without it being over the top or bulky, so it never takes away focus from the overall theme of the room. Impressed by Ode, their business strategy and the way they engaged with their customers, it’s clear to see that every team member is really passionate about the products they produce.

Chic shelving was never so easy.

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Images courtesy of ode.co.za.


Visit the Ode showroom at 83 Kloof Nek Road, Gardens, Cape Town
MON – THU 10h00 – 17h30| FRI 10h00 – 16h00 | SAT 10h00 – 13h00

T: 074 146 1708 & 021 510 7378 | W: ode.co.za
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