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A well-styled bar cart will add panache to your favourite six o’clock ritual. Curated with artisanal spirits, handsome bar accessories and your most elegant glassware, this is the ultimate in sophistication.

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Vitra Mariposa sofa from Créma Design

1960’s Drinks Trolley from Karizma

Scent London candle from Créma Design

Tower Pepper grinder from Tom Dixon at Créma Design

RCR Candy box and RCR Opera tumblers from Spilhaus

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Beaming with confidence is the bar cart. It is truly a designer favourite, instantly sprucing up your entertainment nook, adding a touch of old Hollywood glamour. Style your bar cart to be the focal point of note in your home, no matter the size.

Take classic black and white Hollywood movies, dating back to the 1950’s and 60’s – these noir films took Kristin from House Appeal, back in time as her mother returned to them and she watched countless reels, “where the debonair and elegant set seemed to never be without a bar cart for their carefree whims of entertaining”, as she describes her journey through the golden oldies. Fitting as we love to accentuate the golden look beautifying households across the globe today, not just in the US.

Why invest in a bar cart?

This is your chance to go back in time. Have any vintage gems stashed away and feel the need to bring them back to life? This might be your opportunity to combine an item or two taking guests back to the 1900’s.

  • Rolls away easily
  • Quick to clean
  • Can be stashed in a corner when needed
  • Turn it into a towel holder in the bathroom
  • Use it as a night stand in the bedroom

“Captured on the countless reels of the films of Hollywood, where the debonair and elegant set seemed to never be without a bar cart for their carefree whims of entertaining! Indeed, the Cocktail Hour was prevalent in the glory days of Hollywood. The perfected elegance of what was once a permanent fixture in the living rooms for social entertainment generations ago, the bar cart has returned to center stage.”

– House Appeal

Build Your Own Bar Cart 

Bar Trolley

Silver, gold, copper…go crazy

ELLE Deco SA | One Kings Lane | A Beautiful Mess




Gin – A spirit made from juniper berries and of other natural botanicals.  

Hendricks & Bombay Sapphire

Vodka – A spirit made from the distillation of fermented grains potatoes, fruits or even just sugar.

Grey Goose & Absolut Vodka

Bourbon – An American whiskey, barrel-aged distilled spirit made with a corn-based mash.      

Jim Beam & Knob Creek

Scotch – A grain or malted barley whiskey made from wheat and rye, in Scotland.    

Black Label, Johnnie Walker, Glenfiddich

Whiskey – A spirit distilled from fermented grain mash.      

Jameson & Jack Daniel’s

Tequila – A distilled agave based liquor.

Jose Cuervo & El Jimador

Rum – A distilled Caribbean liquor made from sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses.

Bacardi, Captain Morgan & Malibu

Cost Plus World Market


Tall Collins glasses              |             Short Collins glasses

White wine glasses          |                Red wine glasses

Martini glasses             |           Champagne flutes

Mixers & Garnishes

Cost Plus World Market






“The most basic bar cart typically has a low shelf at the bottom and a top shelf that allow you to corral stylishly the grouped bar of varied bottles, embellishments, barware and stemware. Perfection in entertaining!”

– House Appeal

Tips on styling your bar cart


Mason Shaker Pineapple Nordstrom | | Adored Vintage blog


Keep it simple

Stay away from over cluttering. Limit liquor bottles, glassware or anything that screams ‘too much’ to the public eye. Remember to leave space for actually making the drinks on the cart, this also makes it easier to clean.

A few of your favorite things

Change it up every now and again, depending on the occasion – add beautiful flowers, insightful books, or brass decor items for a personal touch. Here you can add that sentimental art piece or two you want to display.

Go for gold

Play with gold, silver or copper respectively. Decide on the mood of your room and adjust accordingly. Just watch out for mixing and matching.

Use a wall space

Place the cart in front of a statement wall or use your wall space to hang quirky wall art, after all, entertaining should be an experience.

“An elegant addition to entertaining with elegance and ease, indeed. A return to etiquette, perhaps, in which the guest is presented with an array of choices to meet their whims and everything at-the-ready. And for the guest that you were not expecting? You are ready! As if you were expecting them!”

– House Appeal

Gin Down The Road

Situated in the heart of Salt River, and Cape Town’s first, Hope on Hopkins  pride themselves on being a small artisanal distillery, true crafters in their trade of spirits. They make their own flavours, so you know where their quality ingredients come from.

Their signatures include the Hope on Hopkins Single Malt Vodka and their three Hope on Hopkins Gins: the classic London Dry Gin, the South African inspired Salt River Gin and the more experimental Mediterranean Gin.


Hope on Hopkins

“Using South African grown malted barley, we cook, ferment over several days and then triple distil to make our base neutral spirit, a Single Malt Vodka – some of which is bottled for sale. We then go on to distil a fourth time, allowing the alcohol vapours to infuse through select botanicals.”





Ever had an interest in mixology? Don’t miss a chance to mix it up with Hope on Hopkin’s own recipes right here.  Located on 7 Hopkins Street in Salt River, you can pop in or arrange a Tour and Gin Experience when visiting the sleek minimalist distillery.


Hope on Hopkins


Put your cart to the test by trying this:

No matter the weather, we LOVE sipping on these 3 SUMMER COCKTAILS.

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