Oggie has become the most desired hardwood flooring brand throughout South Africa due to their superior quality and the benefits that come from dealing with people who are as passionate about customer satisfaction as they are about their products.

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To help ensure that their floors maintain their appearance, Oggie has partnered with WoodCare Denmark (WOCA), the global leaders of wood flooring finishing and maintenance products.

All Oggie pre-finished hardwood floors are finished with WOCA Denmark’s emission free, enhanced UV protection, 2K hardening oils as part of the manufacturing process, and are coated after installation with extra protection WOCA Maintenance Oil.

Oggie installers use WOCA Denmark’s premium Diamond hardening oils after installation of unfinished floors to achieve the desired colour the client has selected.

Well maintained wood keeps its natural ambience and beautiful appearance

The treatment and maintenance products you use go a long way towards ensuring that your hardwood floors will give a lifetime of good wear.

Oggie Hardwood Flooring’s Nick Gluckman says it really is possible that your floors can continue to stay in the same condition as the day they were installed, for several decades with proper maintenance, using WOCA’s specialised vegetable based, emission free products.

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Conversely, some local household cleaning products have a cocktail of chemicals with a high pH value that can damage the floor’s finish, dis-colour the wood, and can strip your wooden floor leaving it totally unprotected and more vulnerable to stains.

Oggie supplies WOCA Denmark soaps in liquid form. These soaps will clean and preserve your Oak floors. They also contain additives to make your floor more dirt and wear resistant and easier to keep clean.

About once a year or after an incident you might want to use WOCA Oil Refresher to rejuvenate the floor’s protective coating with a penetrating hardening oil that will fill tiny scratches and restore the woods protective coating.

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