Okahirongo River Camp

In the vast Namibian wilderness, in a landscape of rugged beauty where the stars rain down from the night sky, the stillness penetrates your very soul. It is here, below mountains weathered by billions of years of wind and rain that travellers find tranquillity of the deepest kind. In this space that stretches uninterrupted to the horizon, all that is required is to stop and breathe in the magic of this time-worn geography.


Situated on the banks of a deep-green river, you will find the luxury Okahirongo River Camp. The ecolodge is tucked into a pure wilderness area on the Kunene River in a remote region far into the north-western reaches of the country. Staying true to its unspoilt setting, the  camp is run entirely on solar power, with candle and firelight providing a romantic atmosphere at night.

Cleverly built into the rocky terrain, the six suites are built from wood and canvas, each with its own magnificent view. The minimalist interiors echo the ochre and sand tones of the landscape, while light curtains are the only separation from the outdoors. Likewise, an infinity pool provides reprieve from the desert heat.

Here the river feeds an abundance of wildlife, and safaris and river cruises bring guests closer to the animals that roam free. This region is also home to some of the last truly semi-nomadic desert-dwelling tribes of Himba descent. Okahiongo maintains a good relationship with these people, and contributes to community upliftment programmes – respect and mindfulness are a priority here.

With unparalleled panoramas and the quiet of an African wilderness, Okahirongo River Camp is on the border with Angola, making it one of the most secluded areas on the entire globe, and therefore a destination at the top of our bucket  list.






Images courtesy of Okahirongo River Camp

Written by Marushka Stipinovich


Location: Purros Conservancy in the Kunene Streek,, Purros, Namibia
Best time to visit: Wildlife viewing is best in the dry season, from June to October.
Activities: Day and night game viewing on foot or in a vehicle, scenic helicopter tours, mountain biking and outdoor dining.
Fact: Namibia is home to the world’s largest population of free-roaming cheetahs, with numbers estimates at between 2 500 and 3 000.
Book your trip: okahirongolodge.com


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