Cape Town hipsters will know all about Long Street’s caravan-park-on-top-of-a-building, more glamorously known as The Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park. It really is lots of fun, this trailer park on top of the Grand Daddy Hotel. Each of those Airstreams has a look all of its own, as each one was conceptualised and put together by a different designer. Click here to take a closer look inside.


And now it’s the chance for you to try your hand at kitting out an Airstream in a whole new caravan park! The Daddy Long Legs Group – who brought you the Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel, The Grand Daddy and the Airstream Trailer Park – are at it again, this time in the vineyards and fruit orchards of Elgin.


Daddy Long Legs Group is calling for proposals from artists and designers, to decorate the interiors of the Airstream Land Yachts and Luxury Tents to open to the public in March 2010. Please visit this link to read the whole brief, taking note that entries close on 30 December 2009.

Submissions must be presented as a Moodboard, and our stylist, Tracy Lynch, has kindly shared two of her moodboards with us, just to give you an idea of what this entails:



So come on, sharpen your pencils and get designing. And who knows? Maybe you’ll soon be able to camp it up in Elgin, in a caravan of your very own design.