It’s not every day you come across a brand like Woodbender. The local timber manufacturer is nothing short of iconic in South Africa, as they are a testament to old world craft and timeless design, and to this day they remain a family-owned business. This month, they celebrate 30 years of business and have released a new range in honour of this important milestone.

Woodbender’s story began in 1988 when Charles Mast began manufacturing quality timber furniture. He was joined by his wife, Shirley, and his father John, and they soon taught themselves the nearly-forgotten craft of wood bending. Though the business is 30 years old, and in most ways very modern, the bending process remains untouched. To this day, each piece is the result of nearly 20 people collaborating. There are no machines that can replace the true craft of Woodbender.

All the wood used in manufacturing is certified North American ash and is as much as sustainable choice as it is a hard-working and stylish one. Ash is a fast-growing tree, and owing to the vast forests of it, it replenishes itself quickly and naturally.

Last year, Woodbender released the Malmo chair, after noticing that low backrest seating was becoming increasingly popular. In honour of their 30th birthday, they have adapted the Malmo to create the Cala. The Cala is similar in shape to the Malmo, without the solid backrest.

This design feature alone shows the vision that Woodbender has. This perceived transparency encourages flow in the room and assists the eye in moving freely from one end of the space to the next. Woodbender really is the dream brand for a minimalist, and the Cala is the dream item.  The Cala’s distinct round edges and curved backrest mean that it is as comfortable as it is stylish, particularly around a dinner table where people are able to rest their arms as they chat to the person next to them

As with all Woodbender items, the Cala is covered by their two-year guarantee (provided it’s only used indoors, of course) and is available in any of their 15 finish options. If you’re looking for a piece that is inherently local, timeless and yet modern, Woodbender is your brand and the Cala is your chair.