I’d like to tell you more about our Open Lab that’s running in the Design Quarter from March 20 – April 10, where we’re showing concepts from the different research projects we’re currently running at Addictlab : Kid’s research, Gaming, Eco, Nano Technology etc.

These artists, designers, fashion designers, animation wizards, photographers and more are showing their talent …. in a shopping mall. An interesting experiment, if you ask me – showing products almost at the beginning of their life cycle in a truly commercial surrounding. None of these are for sale. But they should be.
Transparent bath (Flore de Crombrugghe)

Flore de Crombrugghe’s transparent bath is a result of a workshop we organized in our Brussels based lab with well known designer Danny Venlet and his interior design students*.

Flore has added measurements on a transparent bath, allowing you to see how many bottles of drinkable water you are actually wasting. Read Flore’s labfile on Addictlab

The Scooter Desk (Jiri Van Meerbeek, Utilia)

From time to time we do brainstorming sessions for companies, inviting our labmembers to come and participate. This Scooter desk, designed for Utilia, is then an out-of-the-ordinary tool, giving the idea of a “mobile office” new meaning. Take a look at Jiri’s labfile on Addictlab.

Sit ‘n Read (Peter Van Riet for Juventa)

Read more about this design for Juventa in Peter’s labfile on Addictlab. In the version I had shipped over, the seatcovers were designed by Tord Boontje.

And of course, we try to blur disciplines: I’m proud to have shown real life models wearing Clive Rundle & Amanda Laird Cherry’s newest collection.

* If there are any South African schools interested in this kind of workshop, just drop me a mail at jan@addictlab.com . The results are stunning, now and then.