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Having a dedicated work space in your home is always a bonus but the trick is to set it up so that you make your time spent there count. A lot of factors go into creating a home office that is comfortable and allows your creative juices to flow. Consider the following tips to ensure optimal efficiency while working at home.  

Light & Airy 

Maximise natural light wherever possible. It helps improve the ambience of any room, which in turn helps enhance focus and productivity. Incorporate a plant or two and ensure there is plenty of ventilation to keep your mind fresh and sharp.

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Colour Coding

Colours such as green, blue, yellow and white are considered the best options for home work spaces. Studies suggest that blue is best for productivity and yellow can inspires creativity. Green on the other hand evokes a sense of balance. Incorporate these colours by giving your office a fresh lick or paint or accessorises with them in the form of frames, clocks, posters and stationary.

ELLE DecorationSA - Home Office
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Organisation Station

A clean enviroment increases productivity and stimulates creativity. Sort through everything in your office and determine what you need, what you use the most and what to get rid off. Use containers and files to keep stationary and paperwork in check. Do not have any items nearby that are distracting or require your attention.

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Seek Privacy

As much as you are working from home, you need this space to be where you get into ‘work mode’. Block out potential distractions by using screens and partitions if you don’t have a closed door work space.

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