Illustration for Opus by designer Andrew Ringrose.
It goes without saying that we filled our Spring Issue92 with blomme. Naturally,we got the very  best to help us: Enter Marissa from Opus Studio, a multi-faceted florist specialising in hanging gardens, floral and plant related designs. Keen to learn more?
1.    What made you get in floristry professionally?
After working in the advertising industry for 5 years, I wanted to change my career to something more meaningful and rewarding. I always
had a strong passion for the natural, especially flowers. I won’t say that there has been one specific reason that made me choose flowers,
but rather that it has been a very natural journey so far.
2.    Why are your super flower making abilities different from other people?
Coming from a design background, my approach is very different. I have a strong design outlook and everything I do is based on a concept and problem solving. My personal work has a more graphic approach and aesthetic.

3.    What is your favourite flower?
The Orchid. I love unusual and exotic flowers and orchids have so many varieties (there are more orchid species than bird species). I love continuously being surprised by this flower.
4.    Favourite local flower?
Ixia flowers
5.    Whose home would you love to see your flowers in?
Not so much in someone’s home, but I would love to see my flower installations in film or as part of Fashion week.
7.    What is your secret weapon?
Passion and determination!

8.    What is your greatest extravagance?
At the moment-my shop. It is a reflection of my personal style and a playground where I can create freely, re-invent and showcase my

9.   Pet hate about floristry
Admin that takes me away from creating.

10. Common misconception about floristry
The perception that flowers are expensive.
OPENING HOURS: MONDAY – FRIDAY 10am – 16pm : SATURDAY 10am – 14pm
MOBILE: 072.7856.002