The DECO stand at 100% Design
Saks Corner's flawless finishings and the DECO stand at 100% Design with original. Designer Furniture Hire

Partnering with original. Designer Furniture Hire at this years’ 100% Design expo, DECO sat down to meet the designers on their portfolio. The high-end furniture rental company has managed to gather an ensemble from South Africa’s foremost designers and manufacturers. 

Ensuring that a beautiful selection of lounges and living nodes are available, original. has teamed up with four respected South African designer brands; Pedersen + Lennard, LSD by Leg Studios, Vogel and Saks Corner

Pedersen + Lennard
Meet Pedersen + Lennard | Image by Travis from welovepictures.

We were happy to get involved with a project that shines a light on what is usually hidden. Instead of covering drab pieces with tablecloths, event organisers have the opportunity to show some creative flair and to showcase designer furniture that people may not ordinarily see. – Luke Pedersen of Pedersen + Lennard

The four ensembles, each in their entirety, are now available to hire for any gathering or space, whether private or corporate, as well as for still shoots and film productions. Each of the ensembles, embracing of their own intrinsic and personal identity, include iconic pieces from their respective brands.

Meet John Vogel
Meet John Vogel, whose inspiration stems directly from nature.

As John Vogel explains,

The concept of a high-end furniture rental company appealed to me, because original. is committed to standing behind, and supporting leading South African design.

‘There is an idea of an “emergence of the consumer who prioritises luxury”, implicit in the urgency of original. to provide, and cater to a gap in the market of furniture hire. Vogel prides itself on inspiration that stems directly from nature, and enjoys collaborating with up and coming local design brands in South Africa, the alignment of Vogel to this platform, in inviting consumers to hire, and “choose design that is local and original”, appealed to me.’

Leg Studios
Meet LSD by Leg Studios, who have secured an African foundation.

Leon Erasmus for LSD by Leg Studios selected their range for original. that was slick and a strong African feel. ‘We started with the soft stool and then worked the concept out around that. While all our items have an African starting point, these chairs are visually more so, because of the seats, upholstered by fashion designer Thabo Makhetha.’

Meet Dan Saks of Saks Corner | Image by Yasser Booley

Dan Saks has always appreciated the simplicity and integrity of mid century furniture, which was designed around function, clean lines and ease of production.

Drawing from this style I wanted to create a range of pieces for original. that would be modular and wouldn’t close off or dominate a space.

original. has a goal to offer a range of styles, tastes and aesthetics to a diverse clientele and they are certainly succeeding.


Visit original. online to view the full furniture rental portfolio and keep up with the latest new pieces by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @originalhireSA.

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