DECO’s new intern Anna Raimondo has been Out & About for us in Cape Town, attending the SALON/locale media tour last week, and put together this post:

Hosted by Cathal Mckee of CMK1, the group touring the SALON/locale show walked the length of Cape Town’s Long St, stopping in at often overlooked locations to visit unusual exhibitions. The concept behind SALON/locale is to introduce emerging as well as established artists anddesigners to the public in unusual settings to inspire interdisciplinary collaborations as well as a creative, dynamic and interactive social event.

Thirty contributors, including artists Clive Rundle, Chris Saunders and Porky Hefer, and designers David West and Black Coffee,  showed their work in locations like the Old Slave Church on Long Street, Caldis appliance store, Daddy Long Legs Boutique Hotel and Koopmans de Wet House, all making for a sensory feast.


Fashion designer David West’s 2008/9 fashion range was inspired by Dutch gables, so Koopmans de Wet House was the perfect location for him.


Graffiti artist Faith 47’s ‘Dust on the Wings’ at the Old Slave Church caused controversy, and sadly had to be removed.


One would not expect an Electronic store to exhibit Clive Rundle’s unique look book, but Caldis pulled it off perfectly.


Stoned Cherries’ instillations at 15 on Orange


Inspired by Cape Town and its water, a photographic exhibition was installed at the Long Street Baths.