When planning my trip to NYC, just about everyone who lived here, or had visited before, told me I simply had to see ABC Carpet & Home. So I was very lucky to be taken on a tour of this New York icon, which has been around since 1867. I didn’t have my camera along, but have put together a virtual tour of all six floors.

Floor 5 – Carpets

There is every kind of carpet on the top floor of ABC, but the ones I couldn’t stop looking at were from their Color Reform collection. These are antique and imperfect woven carpets that have been brought thoroughly up to date through being patched, overdyed, and generally reinvented in a startlingly brave and lovely way. See the Color Reform collection for more.

Color reform2

Floor 4- Antiques and traditional

Floor 3 – Linens

Floor 2 – Contemporary furniture

Floor 1 -Bits and pieces, and ABC Kitchen

Basement – The Conran Shop

Floor 1 –

Basement – The Conran