On Friday I went to the BKLYN Designs show in DUMBO. This annual curated exhibition showcases contemporary furniture and home accessories, all of which is made or designed in Brooklyn. Over 45 exhibitors showed their wares over three days, giving visitors a pretty good idea that some exciting work is coming out of this city borough.

BD entrance2

As is inevitably the case, it’s difficult to get great shots in an exhibition venue (poor lighting, lots of punters), and so many of my pics didn’t turn out particularly well. This means that the work I’m showing in this post is simply a glimpse of what was on show, and that you should follow it up with a visit to the BKLYN Designs website.

BD AlsDesigns

Als Designs is about furniture that has an eye not only on contemporary lines and style, but also on environmentally-friendly materials. This concern was one shared by many of the designers on this show.

BS UM project

UM Project showed some interesting furniture with a playful bent.

BD raine heidenberg

RAM Metals manufacture a diverse range of metal products in Brooklyn, collaborating with other companies to produce lovelies like  the Black Jack Chandelier, designed by Raine Heidenberg (above).

BD furtherdesign1

I particularly liked the beautiful glass objects and lights by Furthur Design. Definitely worth visiting the website to see more of the work of William Couig.

BD PaloSamko1

The booth of Palo Samko was hard to miss, as he combined his exquisite sculptural wooden furniture (above) with some marvellously mad sculptures (below).  Visit his website to do this work much better justice than my photos.

BD PaloSamko2

Other work I enjoyed but photographed poorly included:

Some of the students from the Pratt Institute, including Charlotte Kreitmann’s adaptable  SCHAIR, and Catherine Merrick’s Empathy for Las Vegas glass and powder-coated steel table.

The witty designs from Colleen & Eric A Design Studio.

The subtle and adaptable modular system from EcoSystems that allows you to build a vast array of furniture.

Visit BLKLYN Designs for more.